Walker Christie

Hi! My name is Walker and I love working with computers. I have been computer programming since I was 11 years old. In that time I've made some pretty cool stuff that I'd like to show you through my website. Besides working with computers I enjoy rock climbing, acting, and coffee. I am currently attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute as a freshman. I am majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Interactive Media & Game Design.


I write software applications, games, web crawlers, and more in various programming languages.


I create 2D and 3D designs in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Blender 3D.

Web Development

I program and design websites with HTML5, Sass/CSS, Javascript, PHP, and other web goodies.

Languages I Speak

The programming languages I work with most often are listed here. When writing desktop software I regularly write in Java and C++ (depending on the task). When working in Unity 3D I primarily use C#, saving Javascript and PHP for web development. Although it is not listed here, I have quite a lot of experience with writing in Objective-C and Apple's new Swift language for iOS applications.

What I Work With

Though I love programming in general, there are definitely certain projects that pique my interest. When working on games I love working with Unity 3D and Photoshop. As for mobile development, iOS combined with Illustrator (for vectorized icons) is a must-have. Finally, I try to upload many of my projects to my Github account (which you can find linked below).

Unity 3D






Procedural Generator

This procedural terrain generator is a project that I worked on in Unity 3D. Here, players are able to walk around a world that is generated while they move. The program uses the player's position to generate chunks around them using a perlin noise algorithm. Terrain is dynamically created and destroyed as the player's position changes! You can expand these images by clicking on them.

Horror Game

This video game is currently a work in progress. Made with the Unity 3D game engine, this game contains many different levels that the player must traverse in order to escape an old and decrepit factory. All scripting was done by me in C# along with some 3D modelling done in Blender 3D. This is currently the main project that I am working on.


Pinsit is a social networking app developed for the iOS platform. Through Pinsit, users upload videos of what they are doing and post them to their current location on a global map. I made this with Objective-C and Swift; the app is currently available on the App-Store. All of its code is also available on my Github account.

Multiplayer Game

I made a simple multiplayer game with Unity 3D to test out some different networking techniques.


I wrote a website for my school's TV Studio. Viewers can watch a livestream of our annual auction.


A fellow team member and I wrote the code for this year (and last year's) robot for the FIRST competition.